Image Convert

With the increased Megapixel capacity of digital cameras and, as a result, the increased size of the pictures they take, it has become more difficult to distribute images via email or transport them on a floppy disk without having to do something to make the images smaller first.

Face it no one want to receive an email with 5 pictures each of them being 3MB.

My idea with the imageconvert program was to create a utility which could simplify the tasks involved in converting the image(s) to a more distribution friendly size and thus I tried to make the interface very simple and decided on using a simple drag and drop interface.


The imageconvert application will convert files of the following
types to jpg.

  • .BMP
  • .JPG/.JPEG
  • .GIF
  • .TGA
  • .TIF

To use the application simply drag one or more files of the abovementioned types onto the application and drop them.

If you drop one file you are given the opportunity to select destination and filename.

If you drop multiple files you are given the opportunity to select a destination directory for the files that must differ from the source directory as the files will retain their names.

You can adjust the programs settings by pressing the button on the window. By default the program will only recompress and if necessary convert the images to jpg using the specified JPG quality value (default 70).


Setting the JPG quality will affect the compression level of the generated image(s)/thumbnail(s) and thus directly affects the size in bytes.

Valid values are from 0-100 (100 is best quality).


If you select to resize resize the image(s), they will be scaled to the size specified by moving the slider. You can choose to scale the image(s) to one of the following preset values (Horizontal x Vertical):

  • 320x240
  • 640x480
  • 800x600
  • 1024x768
  • 1280x960
  • 1600x1200
  • 2048x1536

You can select whether or not to keep the aspect ratio and should you choose to keep the aspect ratio the images will become the selected horizontal value and the vertical value as close to the selected one as the aspect ratio allows.

Should you opt not to keep aspect ratio it might produce images that are out of proportion. All the preset values have the same aspect ratio of 1.1/3.


If you select thumbnails the images will be converted to square thumbnails with the size specified by moving the slider (default is 64x64).

The valid size of thumbnails can be:

  • 16x16
  • 32x32
  • 64x64
  • 128x128
  • 256x256

The canvas area surrounding the generated thumbnail(s) will be either black or white dependent on what you select in the radio buttons. If the image is square beforehand no canvas color will be seen.

The canvas surrounding the generated thumbnail(s) will be black.

Grab the software here.



2007-02-11: Latest Imageconversion is 1.54. - Simple Software Solutions