Neverwinter Nights Series

Since the first Neverwinter Nights game came out I've been an avid fan of the series and made a few utilities that have hopefully helped some people in the community.

I will link the the nwvault site for most of these applications as this is where most community files are and I can save bandwidth on this site. My profile on NWVault with links to most of the below applications can be seen here.

Neverwinter Nights 1 Files

NWN Launcher

When Playing Neverwinter Nights I found it often played with the same character in different games, this launcher adds the ability to keep the characters for each games in different locations to avoid the mess up.

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NWN Installer

The community soon started to develop custom content and campaigns to be played in Neverwinter Nights, those were often distributed in zip or rar files and contained multiple files to be deployed in different directories.

This installer wil lhandle zip and rar files, extract files in the correct directories and keep track of them in a database adding uninstall and update functionalities.

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Neverwinter Nights 2 Files

NWN2 Patcher

The update process of NWN2 was less than perfect requiring and internet connection and up to 6GB free space on the drive where the game was installed. I made this patcher which uses the patchw32.dll file from Neverwinter Nights 2, requires no internet connection for applying the patch, lets you specify where to look for the free space, can apply more than one patch at a time, lets you undo applying a patch and other neat stuf..

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NWN2 Launcher

Neverwinter Nights 2 unfortunately suffered from the Microsoft delusion that everything needs to go into My Documents and as many had small system drives and the savegames of NWN2 often surpeassed 30MB running out of space was only a question of time. I developed this launcher which sets the location of My Documents to the installation directory of NWN2 prior to starting the game and resetting it again when exiting the launcher to workaround this problem.

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NWN2 Installer

Basically an update of my above mentioned NWN Installer addig the new filetypes and changing a few things. Will let you install custom content into Neverwinter Nights 2 automatically and with update and uninstall fucntionality

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NWN2 Version Checker

Until version 1.06 of the built updater in NWN2 the updater relied on a combination of registry entries and fileversion to determine which version of NWN2 you had and which version you needed. This gave some peculiar errors and I made this utility which corrects the registry version to match the fileversion.

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2009-05-21: Updated NWN2patcher to version 2.27

2007-10-14: Updated NWN2patcher to version 2.25 and NWN2Version Checker to 1.16

2007-09-29: NWN2patcher updated to version 2.15

2007-06-02: NWN2patcher updated to version 2.00.

2007-02-11: All current Neverwinter Nights Utilities added to the site. - Simple Software Solutions