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Until version 1.06 of the built NWUpdate utility in Neverwinter Nights 2 a combination of registry and fileinformation was used to determine which version of NWN2 you had. (from version 1.06 only fileinformation is used and this utility is not needed) and gave errors like "Can not find patch file:
/nwn2_pc_english_from101788_to102809.txt" or "Cannot locate NWN2(English), 1.03(BETA), on your computer"

This is likely because of your registry not being in sync with the version numbers/loation of your game. So I made this small utility which can automatically check/correct this.

Unzip run and press check.. If the location of NNW2 cannot be found in registry you are prompted to point to where it is installed and will then insert the value in registry (after verifying that it is the correct location). it will then proceed with checking the version in registry against the one in the .exe files and if it suggests to correct then pressing OK will correct.. you can also press cancel and set it

Detailed description

I did some investigating and it seems like the nwupdate.exe works like follows when determining which version of NWN2 you have and which patch to get.

First it looks at the version numbers of nwn2main.exe and nwn2main_amdxp.exe where it takes the complete version number (eg. 1.00.788) then it looks at the registry where it takes the version
number with the first 2 digits eg. (1.00) ..

It then stores the version in the registry on top of the one taken from the .exe files, which seems OK..

However if your registry for some reason is set to 1.01 and the exe files to 1.00.788 nwupdate.exe will use the number 1.01.788 and look for a file called nwn2_pc_english_from101788_to102809.txt
. Since 1.01.788 is not a valid version this will fail with "Can not find patch file: /nwn2_pc_english_from101788_to102809.txt" and you cannot update.

The actual compare against the servers are done with the . removed from the version numbers so 1.00.788 = 100788 meaning that in the registry 1.00 = 100 .

You can fix this by editing the registry manually and setting the following registry key to a version HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \Software \Obsidian \Neverwinter and change the Version value.

In this version the location key found at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \Software \Obsidian \Neverwinter in the registry will also be checked and if it does not exist or is pointing at a wrong location the program will help you set it correctly.

Read more about and Grab the software here



2007-10-14: Updated NWN2Version Checker to 1.16

2007-02-11: Latest NWN2 Version Checker is v. 1.15

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