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The NWNInstaller can from a zip/rar file install addons (modules, portraits etc.)to Biowares Neverwinter Nights (with or without expansions), and will automatically extract and place the files in the correct directories.

The user can during install select deselect which files to include/exclude from install.

If eg. as with the Community Expansion Pack there are files with the same name, but for different patch/expansion levels in the archive, these files will be listed as duplicate files and NONE of them will be selected by default. It is up to the user to select the file(s) that are to be used in for his/hers

Files that are installed are saved in a database along and can later be uninstalled either by uninstalling the entire addon-installation or by pressing the "Show Details" button for an installed addon and deselect one or more files followed by pressing Remove Files.

It is possible to install eg. a module series as one install by installing the first zip/rar file as new install and then use update install for the remainder of the archives.

The database will also handle multiple installations using the same file and not uninstall the file until the last installation using the file is uninstalled

Files that are unknown to the program can be extracted to a manually selected destination. Upon extract of such a file the program will also ask if it should launch the file and if the answer is yes, the file will be opened in the program associated with the files type.

Files extracted this way are NOT stored in the program and it is the users own responsibility to delete these files once unpacked.

After installing/uninstalling numerous times the database can become clustered, so to clean it up and compress it I've included a small utility to do just that. It will however not run if the NWN Installer program is started

Further guidance on use is included with the program.


For the program to work you must have Neverwinter Nights installed and run Windows.

The program will not start if Neverwinter Nights, the Neverwinter Nights Toolset, Neverwinter Nights Server or the included database compress utility is running.


The program will not write to registry without users permission and the only
time that can happen is on startup if the Bioware registry entries are not

If an uninstall/Update/Install fails any installed files are attempted removed, if this for some reason fails, a log file named by <action><installationname>.txt is created in the NWN Installer directory. The installations made with NWN Installer are tied to the location of Neverwinter nights meaning that if Neverwinter Nights is moved to another location it will not be possible to uninstall the existing installations.

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2007-02-11: latest NWN Installer is v. 1.10

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