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Image Convert

With the increased Megapixel capacity of digital cameras and, as a result, the increased size of the pictures they take, it has become more difficult to distribute images via email or transport them on a floppy disk without having to do something to make the images smaller first.

My idea with the imageconvert program was to create a utility which could simplify the tasks involved in converting the image(s) to a more distribution friendly size and thus I tried to make the interface very simple and decided on using a simple drag and drop interface.

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Something that has always annoyed me endlessly is that windows tries to store everything in the My Documents folder on (usually) the C: drive. Personally I prefer that the files/settings belonging to an application is stored with said application.

The thought with this launcher is to set the location of My Documents to a one defined by the user before launching an application and naturally be able to restore the previous setting once the application is done running.

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Outlook Express Identity Switcher

When multiple users use the same PC, Outlook Express as email program and wish to have separate mailboxes the likely use the multiple identity feature of Outlook Express.

Normally one would have to start Outlook Express before being ableto switch identity, but this program will let you switch identity before starting Outlook Express.

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2008-02-18: Added PingTool to products.

2007-02-11: Added ImageConvert to products.

2007-02-11: Added TNTLauncher to products.

2007-02-11: Added Outlook Express Identity Switcher to products. - Simple Software Solutions - Simple Software Solutions


PingTool is a utility which will ping an IP Address or hostname using ICMP instead of the default RAWSockets method.

The reason why it is useful to be able to ping via ICMP is that the RAW Sockets method requires that the user issuing the
ping has administrative rights, this is not the case when using ICMP.

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