PingTool is a utility which will ping an IP Address or hostname using ICMP instead of the default RAWSockets method.

The reason why it is useful to be able to ping via ICMP is that the RAW Sockets method requires that the user issuing the ping has administrative rights, this is not the case when using ICMP.

The PingTool issues the ping like the one from the command prompt by sending 32 bytes of data with a TTL of 10 milliseconds and a timeout of 5000 milliseconds.

How to use
Unzip and execute the pingtool.exe file, then type in an IP address or a hostname (e.g. and how many times you want the ping to be send and press the Ping button.

Once the ping has been done you can copy the result of the ping to the clipboard by pressing the Copy button.

Grab the software here.



2008-02-18: Latest PingTool is v. 1.00. - Simple Software Solutions - Simple Software Solutions